Leveled Blue began one night at the end of a long exam week. I am a graduate student studying physics and mechanical engineering, and there’s a point in the year when you can’t remember the beginning too well but also don’t see the end approaching anytime soon, and it’s easy to feel stuck. Hence, why I was out for a much needed break.

This night in particular, boyfriend (you’ll hear more about him, I’m sure) and I went to one of our favorite drink spots to relax and we started talking about our personal side projects outside of school. Before I knew it, he was taking notes as I rambled on about the baking blog I someday hoped to create. And thanks to the encouragement of a gin and tonic or two, Leveled Blue was created by the time we walked out the door.

Leveled Blue as a name has a lot of different meanings to me. Blue is my favorite color. I use a cobalt blue KitchenAid® stand mixer that my parents gave me for Christmas when I was 13 or so, and I can’t imagine baking without it. ‘Level’ is a commonly used baking term as a verb, defined by the Oxford dictionary as “to give a flat and even surface to,” so I felt it appropriate for the title of a baking blog. But I also feel like ‘leveled’ describes my personality, being that I often consider all possibilities equal until I dive more deeply into them. It also sounds technical, which is attractive to me as a STEM major. And finally, as I’ve had construction experience, I know ‘level’ to mean a space that’s been cleared and grated for a new structure. In a way, I like to think that this blog is starting from nothing (like a lot to build on) and that’s a really exciting thing.

I feel so grateful to now have this platform to share my recipe developing, baking, and sassy attitude on. I plan to share mostly baked goods – cakes, cookies, all the usual – and maybe the occasional cheese plate or cocktail? Because life is too short to not have those things. Also, I can’t wait to hear from you! So please leave comments, message me with questions, suggestions, hellos, and make sure to tag #leveledblue when you post your creations on Instagram!

xoxo Katie Schneider

Photo Credit: Sean Smith